DIY Ornaments

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DIY ornaments are a great way to express your creativity, customize your ornaments to look the way you want them to, have something personalized for your loved ones, a great gifting idea, and is sooooo simple to make.

I must give credit to my lovely, creative daughter, who has a great sense of style and loves to

make and create.  It was she who had found these great clear, plastic ornaments at the dollar store.  You can also find them at craft stores such as Michaels. My daughter mentioned that it would be a good idea for us to get them because we could change the look of them every year and they wouldn’t fade or weather if we put them on one of our trees outside.  You see, last year she decorated the tree outside with regular ornaments, and due to the weather (rain, snow, and more rain), when we took them down after Christmas, they looked awful.  Mind you, I held on to them, because, well, I don’t like throwing things I think I can fix or refurbish… Up-cycling these old worn-out looking ornaments will be another post 🙂

Anyways, we bought a half dozen or so of these clear DIY ornaments. I like them because they are plastic and not glass, so they are safe if they happen to fall. They are also great because they were so cheap and they get our creative wheels turning.

My daughter was the first to “decorate” these ornaments. She put pink tissue paper in one and shiny, red garland in another. They looked awesome!  Then she had the idea to paint one, but instead of using acrylic paint, she decided to use some old nail polish (one of the many bottles of nail polish she has collected over the years). She poured some in and shook it around.  It turned out awesome as well!


Well, this got my creative mind turning.  I started to think of all the thing we could put in these things…

 Here is a list of some of the things you can do or put in these DIY ornaments:

Tissue paper (green, red, and white would be very Christmas)



Glow sticks

You can make “I Spy” ornaments – finding little objects or letters/numbers (see ornaments pictured at the top of the post)

You can paint them (on the inside or outside)

Fake snow

Sand and small seashells




Create scenes or  characters like a snowman or santa out of plasticine or femo.

You can give them as gifts or hang them on the tree Christmas eve (Ornaments from Santa for the family) and put in the following items…

Little toys (Lego, miniatures like Domo, Trashies, Avengers, etc)

Hair ties or small barrettes



Bath Salts or bath beads

Mini erasers


the list goes on & on & on…


  1. Elizabeth Dietz says:

    Such a cute idea!! I am having a holiday get together with some of my girls tomorrow and I may need to make a quite run to the craft store cause I think this would be a really fun activity for us to do together!!

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