Winter Craft for Kids – Soft & Cute Polar Bears

Polar bears and reindeer

 I saw this awesome idea at one of the schools I work

at.  It is such an easy, but super cute project.

I absolute love it and I think you will too!


What you’ll need:

Paper plate

Cotton balls

Pom poms (for eyes & ears)

Googly eyes

Pipe cleaners

Black felt material


Glue & lots of it!

Scissors (and cup/glass)


What you’ll do:

1) Put glue all over the paper plate.

2) Add cotton balls, lots of cotton balls, enough to cover the entire plate.

3) Place a cup/glass upside down on a piece of black fabric or felt. Trace using a piece of white chalk or white crayon/pencil crayon. Cut out the circle.

4) Cut out two smaller circles (both should be the same size) from the black fabric. (I used a shot glass to trace the smaller circles)

5) Glue the nose on top of the cotton balls, in the middle of the plate.

6) Glue the two ears to the back side of the plate so the top half of the circle sticks out from the top of the plate.

7) Glue on the googly eyes.

8) Make “candy cane” shapes with the pipe cleaners and glue on below the nose.

9)Tie a bow with the ribbon and glue it under the pipe cleaners.

Now you have a soft, cute polar bear 🙂

 ( Click for Printable Instructions… Cute Polar Bear CraftCute Polar Bear Craft)


  1. Jeanne Melanson says:

    What a sweet idea. I’ll have to start doing projects like then when my grandson gets older. He’s only 6 months old now. But I have him 5 days a week, plenty of time to do fun stuff later on. Keep those ideas coming! 🙂

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