Snowman Frame Ornaments

Cute and Simple Snowman Frame Ornaments


These cute photo frames are easy to make and is a fun way to preserve photos of your child(ren).           It also makes a great addition to Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

If you’re a parent looking for something special to give the grandparents, they will love receiving one of these homemade ornaments.

If you’re a teacher looking for something special for your students to give their parents, this is a definite winner 🙂

What you’ll need:

White craft foam and/or card paper

Black or brown craft foam or card paper

Any colour craft foam/card paper for the mitts & bow




Box cutter

Glue (white liquid and/or glue stick)


Clear, thin plastic or laminating paper (self-adhesive or regular)


**You don’t have to use craft foam. You can use card paper instead. If you decide to use card paper, it is best to use a glue stick instead of liquid glue.


1) With a pencil, draw the outline of a snowman. Click here for a template. If you are using card paper only, fold the card paper in half so that you will have two snowman cut outs. If you are using craft foam, cut out one snowman from the craft foam and one snowman from the card paper (make sure they are identical in size).

2) In one of the card paper snowman or on the craft foam snowman, draw a circle large enough to fit the photo in (the size of the face in the photo). Use box cutters to cut out the circle.

3) Cut out the face in the photo you will be using.

4) If you have self-stick laminating paper or a laminator, laminate the photo. Cut around the photo (about ½” larger than the photo). If you do not have self-stick laminating paper/laminator, cut out a piece of clear plastic (plastic should be the thickness of card paper) about 1/2″ larger than the photo.

5) Glue the laminated photo or the piece of clear plastic to the “inside” of the first snowman’s head.

6) Cut out some arms and small buttons out of the black or brown craft foam or card paper and cut out some mitts from any other colour. Glue the mitts to the arms and the arms to the inside of the first snowman cut out.

7) Cut a piece of ribbon and tape to the top inside of the first snowman cut out.

8) Glue the other snowman cut out to the back of the first snowman.

9) Decorate with the buttons and bow & let it sit to dry.

**If you are using card paper only, it is best to use a glue stick.  If you are using craft foam, liquid white glue works best.**