Valentine Love Bugs

Love bug text

Love Bugs are a great Valentine’s craft project for everyone!  Make Love bug magnets,clips, paper weights, bookmarks, put them on cards… the list is endless and making them is so FUN!

What you’ll need:

Cardboard, wood hearts or card paper

Googly eyes


Felt markers or Paint

Coloured Paper

Embellishments (stickers, gems, yarn, tissue paper, feathers, craft foam, glitter glue, magazine cut outs, what ever you have around the house that could be used to decorate your love bug)

What you’ll do:

1)  If using cardboard or card paper, you’ll need to cut out two heart shapes of the same size. I usually cut out a heart out of paper first, to use as a tracer.

Cardboard Hearts

2) Colour or paint the cardboard or wooden hearts. If using paints, let them dry before moving on to the next step.

colouring love bugs

3) Make some legs by cutting and folding six pieces of paper, like an accordion.

Love Bug legs

4) Glue the legs on one of the hearts and then glue the other heart on top. Cut out six little hearts to glue on as feet.

5) Cut out some wings, by cutting out a heart out of any colour paper you have on hand.

6) You can make antennae by cutting along the edge of the heart you just cut out so that you have a heart “outline”. Cut in  half.

7) Now cut the “wing” heart in half. Now you should have two wings.

Love Bug Wings

8) Now for the fun part!  Decorate your love bugs. Be creative! You can decorate them with virtually anything you have on hand. Cut out hearts or other shape from magazines/recycled paper, aluminum foil, coloured paper, etc. You can add feathers, gems, glitter…

9) Let your love bugs dry.

10) Attach your love bugs to clothes pins (love bug clip), magnets (love bug magnet), popsicle stick (love bug book mark), cards (love bug card), you get the idea 😉

 Front view lovebug   Lovebug top book mark

 (Printable version: Valentine Love Bugs)


  1. Donna L. Ward says:

    So cute – what patience and creativity – I could have used your work and ideas when I was Executive Conference Center Director – I just don’t enjoy doing these fun looking things! lol

    • madetonurture says:

      Yes, I must say I love googly eyes 🙂
      Although once I put some jumbo googly eyes over my eyes, my son was a bit freaked…

  2. Jenn says:

    Super cute! But, my daughter had a spider crawl up her leg the other night so I don’t think she’s excited about making anything bug-like.

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