Jan 9th “Quote of the Day”

“In life, lots of people know what to do,

but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action.” –Anthony Robbins

The only thing I would like to add to this quote, is “do what you love”. I’ve worked many a job, but the ones that I’ve been happiest in, are those jobs that I love and those which I can either share what I know and/or learn from what others share with me.  I love learning, I love sharing, and I love teaching.

I’ve been very fortunate to come to a time of my life where I get paid to do what I love and know. Who can ask for anything more? I am extremely grateful for this, as there had been many years I had worked in jobs I wasn’t too keen on. So, THANK YOU Universe for blessing me with the opportunity to share the joy of music with others, something I love, everyday!

I hope that you have the opportunity to do what you know and love. And if this opportunity hasn’t presented itself yet, I hope it presents itself to you really soon. Think of it, dream of it, and when the opportunity presents itself, GO FOR IT!  I strongly believe in the Law of Attraction. Have you ever had a time when you have thought about someone and they call you or you run into them? Have you ever had a time when you’ve wanted or needed something and it comes into your life? This has happened to me so many times. Almost every time I think of someone, I’ll hear from them either the same day I think of them or within a week. Same has gone for things that I’ve really needed or wanted. Thoughts are a very powerful thing. So think positively and clearly about what you want or need in your life. If you focus on these positive thoughts and desires, you will one day receive it 🙂 That is one thing I really believe.

I hope you have a wonderful day, full of everything you need ♥