Roundup Post: 5 Awesome Foods to make for New Year’s

New Years recipe roundup

Are you planning on hosting a New Year’s party this year? Maybe you’re going

to one that’s a Potluck?  Or maybe you’re going to have a quiet New Year’s at home. In any case, I’ve compiled a list of delicious morsels that is sure to delight, no matter how you’re spending your New Year’s.

Being new to the blogging world, this is my very first “Round up” (a compilation of ideas, in this case recipes, written by other people). Just click on the recipe title to get the recipe. Enjoy!


Recipe #1:

 A Simple Pantry has a yummy Goat cheese, prosciutto, and cranberry crostini recipe that is to die for. Instead of using regular cranberry sauce to put on top, try my Cranapple Orange Chutney

Recipe 1 Round up

This great recipe also sparked an idea for me to make some using leftover turkey and stuffing topped with cranberry sauce. Yummy – I can never get enough Turkey dinner…


Recipe #2:  

Meena from Hooked on Heat has an awesome recipe for bite-sized Minty Potato Samosas

Recipe for Minty Potato Samosas taken from

 Serve these tasty treats with my Cranapple Orange ChutneyThese tasty morsels would be a great snack any day!


Recipe #3:  

Jalapeno Hashbrown Poppers.

This next recipe was posted by Glenda, from Busy at Home.  I haven’t tried it out yet, but it looks really delish.  I love hashbrowns and I love jalapeno poppers. Great combination!Jalapeno Hashbrown Poppers by Busy-at-Home #OreIdaHashbrn #shop #cbiasI gotta make some really soon. 


Recipe #4:

Lasagna Dip.

 Lasagna Dip Party Food Idea for Kids

Yeah, you read right, Lasagna DIP. This fantastic idea came from a roundup done by Spaceships and Laser beams, but originates from Closet Cooking.  I personally don’t know anyone who doesn’t like lasagna. What a fabulous idea to make it into a Dip!  Yuuummmmmy! Be sure to serve with Garlic Bread!

The following is one of my Garlic Bread recipes.

1) Preheat your oven to 325°F.

 2) Take a baguette and make one inch slices along the bread (don’t cut all the way through).

3) Make a garlic spread by mixing 3/4 cup of room temperature salted butter with 3 cloves of freshly minced garlic, 1 tbsp of freshly minced parsley, 1 tbsp parmesan, and a dash of cayenne (optional).

4) Spread the garlic butter between the slices.

5) Wrap the baguette in foil and pop it in the oven.

6) Bake for 20 minutes, turning over half way through.

Recipe #5:

And last but not least, another recipe that looks yummy from Busy at Home


They are called “Tex-Mex Meatball Nachos“.  They’re like mini bite-sized tacos! I think they’ll be pretty popular at the party I’m going to 🙂  I might even vary the recipe and just use “taco meat” instead of meatballs… either way, they look rather tasty!


I hope you get a chance to try out a few, if not all of these awesome recipes.

Wishing you all the best for 2015!




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